Forests around the world

Alpine conifer forest of northern America (Lone peak, Montana) with douglas fir, subalpine fir, etc.

Old-growth forest of Cryptomeria japonica (Yakushima, Japan)

Bamboo forest in the area of Kyoto (Japan)

Broadleaf forest biological reserve of la Tonne, Lorraine, France

Cyprus forest (Cupressus macrocarpa), Big sur, California

Forest of Sequoia sempervirens, Redwood National park, Northern California

Pinus radiata forest, Monterey, California

A old-growth Picea mountain forest, in the Harz National park, central Germany

Alluvial forest of the Elbe river, central Germany, UNESCO reserve

The forest of the Sainte Baume, southern France (Old-growth Fagus forest in Mediterranean context)

Fonte novello, Apennines, Italy (Old-growth Fagus forest in Mediterranean context)

The stodthagen wald, an old-growth Fagus forest of northern Germany

Foresta umbra, Gargano, Italy (Old-growth Fagus forest in Mediterranean context)

Biological reserve of the Girstel forest, Swiss

Old-growth mountain forest, Queyras, southern French Alps

Cedrus forest, Atlas, Morocco

“Arganeraie”, central Morocco

Juniperus mountain forest, Atlas, Morocco

Indexed Fagus forest, Aquitaine, France