Here under are some pictures of various events…

80 years birthday of the CNRS at Nancy city hall


Field work in Northern Vosges for soil sampling and functioning measurements of charcoal kilns


Sortie terrain avec les étudiants de L3 science de l’environnement de l’université de Lorraine de Metz

Charcoal production in the Botanical garden of Nancy


Coring in the military area of Bitche (Northern Vosges)


Peat bog coring in the high Vosges mountain, a great place to work !


Fresh beaver marks !


Looking for the beavers on the Madon river


Charbonnières des Vosges du nord



Sortie avec les M2 « Conservation et restauration de la biodiversité »: Visite du chantier B’est à Farébersviller pour observer les moyens de protection de l’environnement



La Journée d’Ecologie Historique de Lorraine au LIEC sur Metz


With students in the field


Conference session at the EcoSummit in Montpellier



Field work at the Sainte Baume forest


Eight month later back to a fire place


Field work in Hemilly forest (Moselle)


Setting up of the lab at Metz



in survey on the peatland of the Pays de Bitche… October 2015


Anthraco2015, the 6th International charcoal conference at Freiburg in Germany


3 to 4 weeks after a fire… southern France, August 2015


Field trip for wetland coring in the surroundings of the Garda lake , Italy 2015


Field trip 2014 in southern France


Coring of lake sediment, northern Germany 2013


Field trip in the black forest, south-western German, 2012


Project about forest ecology of alder carr/woodland in northern Germany 2012


Workshop BioDivMex, Malta 2012


Working period of my PhD in central and northern Germany (2008/2011)


Working period in Swiss (2007/2008)



Working period in southern French Alps (2006/2007)


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